Automation of Test & Measurement using the T-base Framework and .NET

T-base Configurator

The T-base Configurator application complements the T-base framework. In this application you can view and edit the test system configuration and sequence files. As a result, manual file writing is unnecessary because the T-base Configurator generates these files automatically, both initially and after editing.
These configuration and sequence files are stored in XML format.

The T-base Configurator Sequence Editor makes it easy to create and edit sequence files. This concept supports managing sub-steps, sub-sequences and looping of steps using different test conditions.

The fact that T-base includes this concept for system configuration and sequence definition, makes it much easier and faster to implement and extend test systems. This configuration concept is a truly generic approach and makes the test system application smaller, simpler and more robust.

    • Easy and cost-effective to install, configure, maintain and operate
    • In seconds you can install and run your first test run using the provided dummy test system
    • Commonly used loggers for result and error logging are included in the installer package
    • Templates for test steps, instrument drivers and data loggers make it easy to get started and extend the T-base solutions
    • Only basic knowledge of C# or Visual Basic needed for making professional test automation solutions
    • Easy instrument communication supporting all VISA interfaces
    • Look and feel is simple and robust
    • Open for customization/tailoring, e.g., UI design and different formats for result reporting
    • The concepts modularity, the use of an object-oriented language gives a great support for professional SW processes and multi-site development
    • Supports instrument interchangeability
    • HW setup and test sequences specified in XML files
    • Easy and safe to edit HW configuration and sequence files using the T-base Configurator application (see T-base Configurator section)
  • T-base is now very mature and has been employed in the development many very different test systems for numerous customers since 2012. T-base is in use by 12 companies located in Denmark, Holland and UK, with over 80 test systems operational, many within factories in East Asia.

    Here is a list of completed projects demonstrating that T-base is a truly versatile concept:

    • FCC type approval system testing products with 2G (incl. GPRS and EDGE), WCDMA (incl. HSUPA and HSDPA), CDMA2000 (1xRTT and 1xEV-DO), LTE (TDD and FDD), Bluetooth (EDR and BLE) and WI-FI (802.11 a, b, g, n)
    • R&D NFC test system is testing according to the ISO/IEC 10373-6 and NFC Forum specifications
    • Six different inline systems testing microswitches Supporting different products and test system hardware
    • Intelligent Headset tester containing GPS, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Accelerometer. Two production systems (board tester and final tester)
    • Production test system of RF modules for Wireless Ad-Hoc Mesh networking
    • Production test system for UHF-RFID tag.
      In-line production test system
    • Software test in target of satellite communication system for commercial aircrafts. The test system simulates the product environment using a number of simulators and the user interactions with the product
    • Production test of fitness gear. Testing LEDs, audio and sensors
    • R&D System Test of 5G Radio Heads. Testing newest cellular features
    • Production test of Wireless Conferencing System. Including cameras, audio, Bluetooth and WLAN.
    • Concept for transitioning from NI TestStand to T-base. Developing a concept for migrating test systems from NI TestStand to T-base. Creating a test system where an existing TestStand-based system calls T-base, thereby utilizing T-base drivers and test steps to conduct the tests. This is a partial implementation, with the eventual goal that the test system running exclusively on T-base.


Very often, Rebase Systems develops and maintains our customer’s test systems. However, it is becoming more common for us to assist our customers only during the startup phase, after which the customer proceeds with additional development independently.

The T-base modules developed by Rebase Systems for the customer’s project, are the property of the customer, and the source code, of course, belongs to them as well.

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