T-base test automation framework

A versatile framework including all the generic software functionality necessary in a test system. It is developed in C# .NET. T-base framework is now used by 12 companies and is the base for 18 very different test systems.


T-base Configurator

The T-base Configurator is a tool making configuration of both hardware and test sequences for test systems a lot easier. The Configurator is developed in C#.


T-base Reporter based on MS Excel

Modularized Microsoft Excel framework making it easy to work with result data and easy to extend with new reporting features. Supports the common result storage formats used in our own T-base framework.


Automatisk Near Field Communication (NFC) testsystem

This test system is testing ‘Listeners’ according to the ISO/IEC 10373-6 and NFC Forum specifications. The NFC test system is now in use in a major danish company. Based on our own T-base framework.


Development of drivers for Radio Communication Testers

Rebase have developed drivers for; 2G- and 3G RX calibration and testing, HSUPA, HSDPA, TD-SCDMA. The drivers are developed in C# and C++.


Automatic laser test system

Automation of spectrum measurement tests of pump laser including data processing and logging in Excel. The test system is developed in LabVIEW.


Test system optimization in micro switch production

This project upgrades and optimizes test system SW and HW, testing mechanical features in micro switches. The software is developed in LabVIEW.


Development of test system SW for micro switch production

Development of SW for 6 test systems supporting different products and test system hardware. Replacing the above mentioned LabVIEW test systems. Based on our own T-base framework and Microsoft SQL Server.


Development of board and final assembly test systems

An intelligent Headset containing GPS, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Accelerometer is what these test systems are testing, and Rebase Systems have developed them from the very beginning; from idea through development of mechanics, hardware and software to final implementation in factory in China. Based on our own T-base framework.


Development of RF test system for FCC type approval

This test system tests mobile phones, dongles or other RF equipment. The instrumentation is among other Rohde & Schwarz CMU200 and CMW500. Testing 2G (incl. GPRS and EDGE), WCDMA (incl. HSUPA and HSDPA), CDMA2000 (1xRTT and 1xEV-DO), LTE (TDD and FDD), Bluetooth (EDR and BLE) and WI-FI (802.11 a, b, g and n). Based on our own T-base framework.


Development of production test system for RF module

This test system Flashes SW into-, copy protects- and tests RF modules. Based on our own T-base framework.


Production test system for UHF-RFID tag

In-line production test system. Based on our own T-base framework.


Software test in target of satellite communication system for commercial aircrafts

This test system simulates the product environment using multiple simulators, and tests user interactions with the product. Based on T-base framework.


UI-test of Windows application

UI automation test system of a technical Windows application using TestStack.White and SpecFlow.


Production- and R&D test systems for fitness equipment

Uploading bootloader and firmware, testing audio, LED and different sensors. Based on T-base framework.


R&D test system for 5G Radio Heads

R&D System Test of 5G Radio Heads testing newest cellular features. Based on T-base framework.


Production test system for wireless conferencing system.

Testing cameras, audio, Bluetooth and WLAN. Based on our own T-base framework.


Test system where TestStand calls T-base

Development of an existing operational test system based on TestStand, involving calling T-base and hereby utilizing the T-base drivers and test steps.
This represents a partial implementation aimed at transitioning the test system from TestStand to T-base.

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